Studio 场地介绍
中心的多类空间现在接受对外出租, 适合多种活动, 包括表演, 排练, 模特走秀, 私人Party,会议, 拍摄等 | Fusion Art Center's studios & ancillary spaces are available for a variety of rentals, including performances, rehearsals, meetings, film screenings, film and photo shoots, and events.
Studio 1 空间一
面积 Area
110 平米
层高 Height
容纳人数 Capacity
地板 Floor
音响 Sound System
一是个超大无柱舞蹈房,有高质量减木地板,可移舞台,专业音响设备,投影影灯及中央空。两种灯光色调让选择。 可移动舞台(4米x 8米 x 0.3米) 适合小型现场演出,商业会议/培训,企业发布会及大型特训课。 舞台也能瞬间摆设为模特走秀梯台。 Studio 1 is one of the largest column-free studios in Shanghai. It is fully equipped with a sprung wooden floor, moveable stage,sound/video playback system, projector and stage lights. It has two light settings (bright white vs warm) plus heat and air-conditioning. The movable stage (4m x 8m x 0.3m) is designed for live-shows, business/press conferences and large workshops, and can be adapted into an elevated runway ideal for model auditions and boutique fashion shows.     

空间一和空间二能合并成一个230平米的大空间,适合大型舞会,特训课和各类活动。Studio 1 can be combined with Studio 2 into a 230 sq meter large open space perfect for dance parties, large workshops, and can be set up for private events.
适合 Ideal for:
-   演出   Performances
-   舞蹈/舞剧/音乐剧/排练  Rehearsal
-   会议   Meetings
-   模特走秀/面试   Model auditions
-    拍摄/摄影场地   Photo + Film Shoots 
-   其他小型活动   Other small events

空间欢迎各种一次性,短期和长期出租。The space is available for 7 days a week for rent (once-off, short-term or long term rental arrangements).    


设备 Facilities         
Stage (multi-purpose) 多功能舞台  |   Light Box背景灯箱框  |  Wooden Floor 减压出口木地板  |   Multiple Light Settings 双色LED灯光  |  Mirrors 镜子 (3米) 


音响 Sound System


空间一带有完整专业音响设备。 我们也有无线麦克风 (头戴或手提)额外出租。 你只需带手提电脑,平板电脑或手机直接播放。 Studio 1 is equipped with a complete professional sound system.  Wireless and handheld microphones are available for rent.  Just bring your laptop, ipad or phone for easy plug-&-play.   



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