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 SALSA 萨尔萨

FAC是中国最顶尖的Salsa培训机构之一,多年来培养无数Salsa爱好者和专业舞者。开心活跃的Salsa大家庭,强大的师资团队,无论你是单纯兴趣爱好的舞者或有专业追求,都能在这快乐的成长。 自2008来,我们强大的师资团队专教Salsa On2 (纽约风格)。课程以国际标准以及授课大纲为基准。一系列的Salsa课程既适合毫无基础的学员,也可以满足专业舞者和表演者的要求,帮助您一步一步地提高。FAC is one of the top and largest Salsa schools in China with an international student base.  Since 2008, our complete step-by-step Salsa Program (New York On2 Style) has produced many of the finest Salsa dancers in Shanghai.  Our classes (from absolute beginners to professional levels) are specially designed in accordance with international standards and teaching syllabus. We work on a rotation basis which means you don't have to bring a partner to class because we frequently rotate partners during each class. Class sizes vary, but the average is 20 people.

服装建议 Suggested Attire:  

- 能轻易移动的舒适衣服,紧身衣或牛仔裤与T恤 Comfortable clothing (jeans, T-Shirt, etc are acceptable). 

- 爵士舞鞋或拉丁高跟鞋  Jazz shoes, jazz sneakers or high-heel dance shoes.

为何这么多人风迷SALSA?    Why is Salsa so Popular

Salsa容易上手,健康好玩,音乐欢快,动作热情奔放,对身材年龄毫无限制,各路神仙都可以尝试!Salsa 不需自带舞伴,没有固定枯燥动作,Party气氛火爆,容易认识各行各国籍朋友! 女生动作性感妩媚,男生动作潇洒帅气!  除了培养气质,帮助身材雕塑减肥,SALSA 也能让你释放工作压力,有自我展现的空间! Salsa is easy, healthy, fun and exciting!  A perfect to make to get healthy, lose weight and make new friends from all walks of life, countries and ages!  There is no fixed partner or rountine, which means more fun and freedom to express yourself!   


Foundation Salsa (入门)


适合零基础者。无需自带舞伴或任何舞蹈基础。你能在这课程上学习不同的Salsa基本舞步,节奏,框架,双人连接,简单旋转和引带跟随。稳定,踏实的基本功是我们不变的宗旨。Ideal for absolute beginners. No dance background or partner is required. In this course you will learn the basic steps, timing, structure, simple turns and patterns. Start dancing TODAY! 


Beginner Salsa (初级)


更多好玩开始了!在这个课程学习更多的Salsa步伐的变化,套路和引带跟随技术以及单人展现舞步(Shines)。这个课程同样适用于已学过其他Salsa风格的学员。Time to have more fun! Learn more interesting variations of the salsa basic steps, turn patterns and shines (solo dance steps).  This class is suitable for those who have learnt other styles of Salsa (for example Cuban or On1 salsa).


Improvers Salsa (初中


该课程的学员应该先熟练掌握之前课程所教授的核心内容。这课程里你能学习一系列的双人舞步进一步练习如何转换重心,保持平衡,展现良好姿态以及引带和跟随的技巧。同时,您也将学到更为有趣的个人展现舞步。这些有趣的舞步根据不同的舞蹈音乐和节奏而定。另外,您也将开始学习多圈旋转。Students at this level should know the timing and correct steps for core moves taught in the earlier levels. Improver students will learn a set of key moves and training exercises to improve your weight-shift, balance and lead/follow techniques.  You will also start to learn interesting shines to different timing and rhythm, and learn the preparation for multiple spins.


Intermediate Salsa (中级)


您将继续学习和掌握一些更为核心的舞步,并尝试以多种形式更为轻松的跳出这些舞步。 在这个阶段,我们将更加强调引带和跟随,以使您的舞步更加流畅。同时,学生也进一步练习多圈旋转。在这个阶段,难度挑战加强,对学生也有进一步的练习要求。Get ready for more excitement! You will continue to master a set of core fundamental moves and learn different ways to execute these moves with greater ease (with emphasis on lead and follow). Students will learn to lead and execute multiple spins as well as turns.


Advance Salsa (高级)


具有挑战性的课程。学员应有扎实的Salsa舞步基础。学习炫目的旋转和漂亮并高难度的舞步,学习更高的引带和跟随技巧。课程将强调如何玩音乐。This is a challenging course that requires you to have a sound grasp of the fundamentals. Students are expected to have a high level of competency in leading and following, and followers should be able to execute multiple spins and turns with ease. Advance students will learn difficult yet leadable turn patterns requiring a high level of skill and technical proficiency, advance shines and with greater emphasis on playing with the music.       



Shines & Musicality 音乐理解 (Open Level)


只跳1-2-3,5-6-7不厌倦吗?想更加享受Salsa的音乐中吗?这个课程你能学习到Salsa音乐里常用的打击乐器 (如conga, clave,timbale,guiro,cowbell等)。Tired of dancing to the counts (i.e. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8)?  Want to know how to feel and play with the music? This class is perfect for you. You will learn the typical structure of Salsa music and explore the different rhythms (like the conga, clave, timbale, guiro, cowbells, etc).  

Lady Styling 女士


专门为女生量身定做的课程。女生能学习在跳Salsa中如何更好的展示自己的魅力和气质,更加自信,优雅和性感。学习更美的个人展现舞步和旋转。这个课程尤其适合于已完成初级班1级的女学员。This course (for ladies only) is designed to bring out the elegance and beauty in you.  You will explore ways to express your own style and practice with the proper way to move different parts of your body with confidence, grace and sensuality. We will show you how to look good when executing shines and turns and add groove and favour to your dance. This course is specially designed for ladies who have completed at least Beginner 1 level.





飞迅王牌课程 - 教授各种快速多圈旋转,包括世界著名的Santo Rico Spin Technique.  帮助你训练多圈旋转的平衡,身体控制,框架和接力,准备,时间节奏和留头(适合男生和女生)。从这个课程练习出来的学生,旋转绝对没有什么问题。This course aims to help you develop the right balance, body control, arm frame and tension, preparation, timing and “spotting” technique for multiple spins and turns.  (For both male and females). 


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