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JAZZ 爵士 

我们的爵士舞课分不同风格,有纯正百老汇,MTV与街头风。 课程包含爵士技术,也特别强调切分音节奏,身体律动和编排。 每节课都能让你通过编排和/或结构化的即兴表演来磨练技术。Our Jazz classes draw from the classical jazz dance technique and focus on syncopated rhythms, body isolations, and choreography that draws from both Broadway, Musical Theater and current urban street styles. Each class allows students to hone their skills through choreography and/or structured improvisation. 

服装建议 Suggested Attire: 

- 能让你轻易移动的舒适衣服 Comfortable clothing in which you can easily move

- 爵士鞋或袜子 Jazz shoes, jazz sneakers or thin socks.

Beg. Jazz Funk (初级)


Jazz Funk或街爵士是一个融合传统爵士技术和街舞格和奏的舞蹈。能在Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Rihanna Chris BrownMTV像看到。舞蹈强调的是音感,力和“槽”。这门课专为想进入商业圈或想自我提高舞者,也适合那些想找一个有趣的方式来重返舞蹈的你。 Jazz Funk—or Street Jazz—is a fusion of traditional jazz technique with the rhythms and groundedness of street dance styles. It can be seen in the videos of recording artists such as Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, and Chris Brown. The emphasis is placed on musicality, dynamics, and finding the “groove”. This class is designed for the dancer looking to expand their training to the commercial styles, experienced dancers who want to refine their skills, former dancers looking for a fun way to reconnect with dance, and those who want to just dive in and have fun moving.

Beg. Sexy Jazz (初级)


Sexy Jazz最大的特点就是强调身体的延展,很讲究Pose感和形体,是最常见女生擅长的风格!Sexy Jazz是在Jazz的基础上,加入性感舞蹈动作和Pose来增加视觉感。基于爵士和纽约高跟鞋舞蹈,课程能帮助提高协调性,控制力,切分音节奏身体律动 。适合想在一个有趣的学习环境下提高的初学者。Based on the style of jazz and high-heel dance, this class introduces students to syncopated rhythms, isolated bodymovements and sexy jazz moves. An excellent choice for beginner dancer looking to expand their dance vocabulary in an upbeat environment with a strong focus on improving technique, coordination and musicality.


Beg. Broadway Jazz (初级)


Broadway Jazz的舞姿有一种原始奔放的感觉,然而舞蹈者看上去又十分高贵优雅。它吸收了芭蕾、现代舞、拉丁舞的元素和技巧,要表达的是女人的妩媚与性感。这课程适合初舞者学正确的基本爵士技典百老汇风格。上课热身将注于提高爵士舞基本功,力量和控制力。课程后半段通过组合让你开心的在音乐里自我表现 An ideal class for dancers to learn proper basic jazz technique and classical broadway style.  The class begins with a set warm-up and progressions focused on improving basic jazz technique, strength, and flexibility. The last portion of class is dedicated to a combination focusing on performance, style, rhythm, and having fun.  You are encouraged to take class at your own pace in this supportive and stress-free environment.

Street Jazz (初中级)


这是一个合街舞,代舞和爵士风的独特自由式(freestyle)课程,学生体验自由流动性动作的音理解。适合对自我有挑战的舞者。A unique freestyle class incorporating hip-hop, contemporary and jazz, where students can experience free-flow movements with strong focus on musicality and improvisation. An excellent choice for dancers looking to challenge themselves in an upbeat environment. 



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