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各种世界独特舞蹈课程,让你体会与众不同的能量,文化和传统。A wide range of dance styles from around the world and throughout the ages allow students to expand their dance vocabularies and work on technique derived from a multitude of cultures and traditions.

Afro-Cuban 非洲古巴 (All Level)


融合非洲古巴舞蹈,击鼓节奏和音乐的高能量舞蹈。八年来,飞迅的火爆王牌课!适合所有级别的舞者。This class unites dance, rhythm, and song. It creates an environment and dance community that nurtures, excites and inspires the body and spirit. The class is one of the most popular class in FAC for the last 8 years. Open to all experience levels. 


Suggested Attire:

能让你轻易移动的舒适衣服 Comfortable clothing in which you can easily move. 

- 爵士鞋或赤脚 Jazz shoes or bare footed (no high-heels)


Coming soon (TBA)

Beg. Bachata (初级)


来自加勒比海的一种舞蹈,优美的音乐每周让我们逃离现实。此课程适合初学者,你将能学到多明尼加bachata的基本步骤,节奏的变化和简单引带跟随技巧。喜欢SensualBachata? 这个课程也是你关键的第一步。Explore the dance directly from the Caribbean and escape reality with us. This class is suitable for all beginners and covers the basic dominican bachata steps, rhythm variations and patterns.  This course is a key first-step for those who wish to progress to Sensual Bachata.  


Suggested Attire:

能让你轻易移动的舒适衣服 Comfortable clothing (avoid tight fitting skirt). 

- 爵士鞋或拉丁高跟鞋 Jazz shoes or latin high-heels dance shoes

Sensual Bachata

Bachata 的音乐浪漫缠绵。舞伴们身体紧靠,面对面地左右移动舞步,身心调动。经过Beg.Bachata的学习,你将更进一步,体现Bachata的风情。



Suggested Attire: 

能让你轻易移动的舒适衣服 Comfortable clothing in which you can easily move.  For ladies, suggest jeans or pants (tight skirts and low cut dresses should be avoided)

-爵士鞋或拉丁高跟鞋 Jazz shoes or latin high-heels dance shoes

Flamenco 弗拉门戈 (初级


西班牙的灵魂!弗拉门戈融合了欧洲的华丽高贵与美洲的奔放热辣风格,又将舞蹈、歌唱、器乐结合于一体,是西班牙的代表性艺术之一。这个课程能帮助Salsa舞者提高手花和styling的韵味。 The Soul of Spain!  This class is also beneficial for salsa and latin female dancers to master intricate hand-styling and incorporate flare in your dance. 


Suggested Attire:

能让你轻易移动的舒适衣服 Comfortable clothing (avoid tight fitting skirt)

- 爵士鞋或拉丁高跟鞋 Jazz shoes or latin high-heels dance shoes


Coming Soon (TBC)

Beg. Kizomba (初级)


无论你有多年的舞蹈经验或是零基础的学员,Angie和Robert老师能帮你坚实的学习Kizomba 。他们的课上强调基础,让你学习如何更有自信的引带和跟随任何人。这个课程涵盖了kizomba的基本节奏和音乐,简单步伐和套路(如salida/saida)和简单的tarraxa介绍。Whether you've danced years of salsa, or this is your first time on the dance floor, basics with Angie and Robert will give you a solid foundation for your Kizomba.  They have a strong emphases on learning the basics right, so you can lead anyone, and grow confidently every step of the way. This class covers musicality, moves like salida, simple turns and an intro to tarraxa



Suggested Attire: 

能让你轻易移动的舒适衣服 Comfortable clothing in which you can easily move. Suggest jeans or pants (tight skirts should be avoided)

-爵士鞋或拉丁高跟鞋 Jazz shoes or latin high-heels dance shoes 

Improver Kizomba (提高班)


你会Kizomba的基础了吗?想学更高更复杂的动作?那这个Improvers课程正适合你。 学习开合式引带,炫耀的步法和如何把不同的简单步伐合成无穷无尽有趣的组合。 You know the basics? That's great! Join the improver level to add some complexity to your moves.  Open and close lead, playing with footwork and learning to put together lots of separate 'moves' into endless interesting combinations are just some of the topics covered at this level.

Intermediate Kizomba (中级)


现在你已经准备好让任何一层舞蹈!中级课程包括音乐理解,即兴组合,和特别炫耀引带和跟随技巧。让你和舞伴陶醉在音乐和节奏里。也让你开始融合其他舞蹈风格让你“秀”,让你性感,让你炫。Now you're ready to impress on any dance floor! Intermediate covers advanced musicality, improvisation, and unusual lead and following.  Let the Kizomba music flow through you and lose yourself in the rhythm and in your parter.  Here we also add some fusion from other dances to make your Kizomba more 'show' or just let you show off.




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