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多种课程包括形体雕塑,核心训练,身体律动,以及更多。对于舞者和非舞者一样,这些课程是整体健康的重要部分。课程专注于增加的灵活性,协调性,力量和姿态。学生可以把这些课程作为自己的健身计划的一部分,或作为自己的舞蹈练习的补充。 A variety of classes including body-sculpture, core training, body-isolation, and more. For the dancer and non-dancer alike, these classes are an important part of overall health and wellness. Classes emphasize a mindful approach to movement, focusing on increased flexibility, strength, and posture. Students can take these classes as part of our fitness program or as a supplement to their own dance practice. 

 服装建议 Suggested Attire: 

  - 能让你轻易移动的舒适衣服 Comfortable clothing in which you can easily move.

  - 爵士鞋, 袜子或赤脚 Jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, thin socks or bare-footed.

Body Sculpture 形体雕塑




Tuesday 周二 (19:00-20:30)

Core Training 核心训练


这个一小时身体核心强化班是提高舞蹈控制力的重磅课程。训练重点加强腹部,胸部,背部和骨盆的肌肉。Invigorate your body with a 1-hour core strenghening class. In this workout we will focus on toning muscles of the abdomen, as well as the back, chest and pelvis.

Body Isolation 身体律动


任何舞种都需要我们以不同方式移动身体,展现曼妙的舞姿,诠释音乐的意境,表达舞者的情感。通过这一小时的课程学习移动身体不同部位的正确技巧。A key aspect for all dancers no matter your preferred style. Train to isolate different part of your body in this energic and invirogating class.


Resume Soon  TBC

Booty Twerk 翘臀舞


细腰翘臀,谁会说不要!我要!我要!我要!这一次真的来了,来飞迅2016重磅推出真正的翘臀舞!专业有效的方法和效果,让你欲罢不能的..... 翘翘翘Don't miss this new sensation storming the world! 1-hour of butt toning exercises to give you that bootilious figure!



Resume Soon TBC


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