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您是否想要更快提高?或者希望根据您的日程安排学习进度?为何不尝试一下私人课程(小课)。在小课中,我们能加倍注重一般群体大课可能被忽略的细节。同时,也能帮助您纠正在学习过程中可能不自觉养成的舞蹈坏习惯。小课可以满足不同学员的特别要求。 比如:Looking to improve faster or need a flexible time for classes?  Book a 1-on-1 class with our instructor today! Private lessons are important to refining your dancing skills, and are a useful tool to correct individual bad habits or make a break-through in your dancing. 

- 灵活的上课时间 flexible time
- 检验您的舞蹈水准 assess your dancing level
- 突破您的舞蹈瓶颈 make a break-through in your skills
- 学过其他舞种的人课先尝试小课,速越过前系列初级课程 learn the basics quickly
- 学习量身定制的编排(如在婚礼上的表演) learn a choreography (e.g for weddings)
- 更快的进步或者缩短学习时间 shortern the time to learn a new dance. 


FAC每节小课为1小时,费用是根据以下因素计算: Each of FAC's private lessons run for 1 hour. Charges varies depending on: 

- 老师级别 Instructor's level

- 课程内容 What you want to learn

- 报名次数 How many private lessons you enrol 

- 是否带编排 Whether you need a choreography 





 我们的课程顾问能根据您的需求推荐适合你的老师。 请记得,如果你需要改上课时间,请提前至少一天通知我们,以便我们重新帮老师排课。 Our Dance Advisor can help match you with the best instructor.  Remember! If you need to change your lesson, you must call 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.  This is very important because it gives us time to re-book the instructor.  

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