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长寿路652号F座B层 (近胶州路)

Block F, No. 652 Changshou Rd, Shanghai

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        飞迅艺术中心 Fusion Art Center (隶属于上海飞迅健身服务有限公司) 是一个国际时尚舞蹈健身品牌,也是上海现今最受欢迎的舞蹈培训机构之一。 依托优美充满艺术氛围的教学环境,专业师资团队,分享舞蹈带来的纯正健康快乐! 我们敬业的专业团队,编导和各国舞者,将全力满足您对舞蹈编排,表演及相关服务的所有需求。 Welcome to Fusion Art Center (FAC), a leader in Shanghai’s dance art education. We are committed to provide Dancers with the freedom & comfort to learn, create & inspire others.  Our first class facilities are designed as an artistic platform for you to develop & exchange ideas with other dancers from a diverse array of dance disciplines. 


    FunionArtCenter于2008年由Grace Wu创立,目前发展成为上海最大的精品舞蹈学校之一。FAC位于上海市中心(两条地铁线路可到达),为儿童和成人提供各式各样的舞蹈风格Salsa(萨尔萨)、Contemporary(现代舞)、Jazz(爵士)、Bachata(吧恰塔)、Kizomba等等。对初学者、舞蹈爱好者和专业舞者都有不同程度的舞蹈教学。

    FAC was founded in 2008 by Grace Wu and has since grown to become one of the largest boutique dance studio in Shanghai.  Located in the heart of Shanghai City (accessible by two subway lines), we offer daily classes of a wide range of dance styles for both kids and adults from Salsa, Contemporary, Jazz, Flamenco, Bachata, Kizomba, Afro-Cuban and more, of various levels to beginner, advanced and professional dancers alike.



    In 2009 Grace was joined by Robin Koh (Salsa Director), who has been a key figure in developing the FAC into one of the top Salsa dance studio in China today.  FAC is now one of the most popular Salsa dance studio in Shanghai.  Over the years our Salsa program has consistently produced some of the best Salsa dancers in town. 



    Initially launched as a Dance Studio only, Fusion Art Center has since evolved into a professional Dance Company, providing tailor made performances for luxury brands, corporate events etc.  The Center is also home to CHINA IMPRESION, China’s only professional dance troupe.


    2014年8月25日,在Grace Wu艺术总监的领导下,FAC在经过数月的装修后,于2014年8月25日开了我们全新的旗舰工作室。该中心占地面积约600平方米,设有超高天花板、专业进口舞蹈地板、高端通风系统等专业设施,为您提供舒适幽美的环境。

    Under the leadership of Grace Wu as Artistic Director, FAC opened our brand new FLAGSHIP studio on 25 August 2014 after months of renovation.  With approximately 600 square meters in space, high-ceiling, sprung wooden-floor, high-end ventilation systes and other first class facilities, the Center is designed specifically to provide the best environment for YOU. 



    Today, FAC is run by a dedicated team of professional international dancers and staff members to bring you a truly unique experience!    Come join us and share in the joy of dancing!

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