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Enjoy exciting & stimulating dance classes every day of the week! Choose from a wide range of dance styles for beginners, seasoned dancers and professionals | 每周超过30节王牌课程让你选择,无论你是零基础或专业舞者,这里都有适合你的课。

Fusion Art Center


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Block F, No. 652 Changshou Rd, Shanghai

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Group Class 集体课 | Workshop 特训课 | Private Lesson 私教课  每周超过30节课让你选择,无论你是零基础或专业舞者,这里有适合你的课。各种国际流行物种由名师及外籍专业舞者老师团队倾情献课。 Over 30 weekly classes!  There are classes of major dance styles specially designed for beginners, seasoned dancers and professionals.   Don't miss also Workshops by our Guest Instructors. 




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